Quickly & Easily Curate and Source User-Generated Content All in One Employee Advocacy Platform

Extend your employees social media reach by safely sharing branded company content alongside user-generated content.

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Speed Up Buying Decisions with User-Generated Content

User-generated content creates a trust between a consumer and your product that a brand simply cannot achieve by themselves, shortening the buying cycle through personal connections.

Increase Social Media Engagements

Enhance your marketing efforts and build your audience by letting your employees speak for your brand, driving more authentic social media engagements to your company.

Promote Authenticity
With Employee Advocacy

Consumers are 2.4x more likely to view user-generated content as authentic as compared to content created by brands.

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Seamlessly Connect Employees Through Shared Experiences

Extend the reach of a memorable company event or experience by giving employees an outlet to share with their colleagues, and their social media teams access to user-generated content.

Improve the Employee Experience with Gamification

Spur increased participation and spark competitiveness with leaderboards to keep employees engaged overtime.

Measure and Analyze What Works and What Doesn't

Understand how your content resonates with your employees and their audiences, helping to identify your workforce influencers and brand champions.

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